Why Fiordland College

Get a World-Class Education in a World-Class Location

A high-quality, internationally-recognised education, specialist teachers, a wide range of courses, small class sizes, amazing culutral, sporting and adventure opportunities and a caring school and local community - all set in the stunning Fiordland National Park, a UNESCO world heritage site.

When you study at Fiordland College, you will be challenged to succeed academically, be given numerous opportunities to involve yourself in our sporting, cultural and Education Outside the Classroom programmes, and be fully involved in our school community.

We enrol a limited number of international students each year.  To apply for a place, complete and return our application form.  We hope we will see you soon at Fiordland College, ready to start your life-changing educational experience.

Academic Excellence

You can choose from a wide range of academic courses. Our specialist teachers will help you achieve to the highest level, including through our leadership programmes at senior school.

If English is your second or other language, you will gain greater confidence by participating in student and community activities. We also provide English as a Second or Other Language (ESOL) programmes for international students. These personalised lessons are delivered by our qualified and experienced ESOL teacher and tutors.

Enviro School

Kiwi Recovery Programme

 A unique feature of Fiordland College is its setting. We are situated on the edge of the stunning Fiordland World Heritage National Park and we use this environment as an important context for our learning.

We are proud that Fiordland College's flagship environmental education projects have gained national attention. Our work has been so successful that our national airline, Air New Zealand, has partnered with us through their Kids Restore Environmental Trust – as has the Fiordland Conservation Trust and the New Zealand Government's Department of Conservation.

Sport and Culture

We encourage our international students to take part in the sporting and cultural activities organised at the College and within the local community.

Outdoor activities are an important part of New Zealanders' lives, and the school develops these skills through a dedicated Outdoor Education Programme. There are many additional day or weekend trips organised throughout the year, which cater for a wide choice of outdoor activities including skiing.

You also have the choice to participate in many cultural activities, including speech competitions, debating, and our school musical production. These activities can help broaden your understanding of the New Zealand way of life and aid English language skills and confidence.

Friendly and Supportive Community

We make sure that our international students quickly "feel at home" and become part of our student community.

Our school is strongly supported by the local community of Te Anau. Not only will you become part of our school, you will also become part of our local community.

Playing Golf at the Te Anau Golf Course

There are a number of sporting clubs to join, such as yachting, rugby, hockey, basketball, cricket, tennis, golf and netball. You can also participate in cultural activities such as the Fiordland Players (a drama group), dance and music tuition, and groups like Guides and Scouts.

Pastoral Care

You can be assured that Fiordland College has the highest standards of education and pastoral care for international students. A dedicated International Student Director oversees your progress, pastoral care and safety. The International Student Director will help and support you in your daily life, helping you settle into your new school and country.

Fiordland College is a signatory and has agreed to observe and be bound by the New Zealand Government's Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students.

What Our Students Say

This is what our students say about why you should study here.

  1. We live in a unique and beautiful environment. We are surrounded by mountains, forest, lakes, rivers and a national park.
  2. The students here are understanding and welcoming. 
  3. We have small class sizes meaning you get more one-on-one teaching time.
  4. Our school offers lots of opportunities - sporting, cultural, camps, environmental projects, water sports and lots more.
  5. The teachers and other staff here are really friendly. They get to know you well and help you out when you need it.
  6. Our school is part of a very safe community that supports what we do.
  7. Te Anau is close to high energy tourist activities like skiing, sky-diving, jet-boating and bungy-jumping and is the gateway for a number of New Zealand Great Walks.
  8. We live in a harmonious, multicultural area. People from all around the world visit and live in Te Anau.
  9. Our school is co-educational and is an enviro-school.  We are helping to restore native wildlife to our area.
  10. You can experience true ‘Kiwi’ culture here.  

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