Student Support and Welfare

Pastoral Care and Support for College Students

Fiordland College is a student-centred school with a comprehensive approach to supporting and encouraging students.  Our staff work together to support and encourage students in their pursuits, fostering positive relationships and student well-being. We have a zero-tolerance approach to any behaviours which undermine our students’ sense of security.

Form Teachers               

All students have a Form Teacher who develops a strong relationship with their students, and is the first point of contact for parents.


Age-bands have a Dean who oversees the welfare of students, encouraging students to strive for excellence, and providing support for academic and pastoral affairs. The Dean and Form Teacher work together in providing individualised and personal support for each student.

Guidance Support          

The Guidance Counsellor works with students and their families to provide support so that problems can be identified and addressed.  Support and guidance is also available through the Health Nurse.

Peer Support                   

Peer Support is a structured programme which supports the transition of students entering school in Year 7.  Selected Year 13 students who have participated in a specialised and structured leadership programme develop relationships with the younger students as they discuss school-based issues and lead them in a positive activity-based course.  The senior students continue to provide guidance and support throughout the year.


An individualised mentoring programme supports and guides students in a full range of areas, harnessing the support of both senior students and members of the community.


Students are supported in their growth and development of career competencies throughout their schooling in a whole-school approach.  Individualised support and guidance is provided by the Careers Advisor, STAR and Gateway programmes, individual learning interviews with Deans, and a well-resourced Career Room.

Other support is provided as needs arise, in consultation with families, and tailored to best meet the needs of students.  Staff at Fiordland College develop strong relationships with students, and are committed to assisting students as they develop emotionally, socially and intellectually.