Kids Restore the Kepler

Helping Restore the Real Kepler Residents

Fiordland National Park – World Heritage Area

Fiordland College is proud to be part of the major restoration project known as 'Kids Restore the Kepler'. 

This extraordinary project, led by the Fiordland Conservation Trust and funded by Kids Restore New Zealand, aims to inspire Fiordland's young people, from pre-school through to college, develop values, knowledge and skills so that they can be confident, connected and actively involved in caring for their environment now and in the future.

Bugs Ruud The Bug Man "Ruud Kleinpaste"

The Kepler Project is located on the Kepler Peninsula, an area of 12,000 hectare bordered by Lake Te Anau to the north, Lake Manapouri to the south and the Waiau River to the east. These natural boundaries substantially reduce the risk of pests re-invading the area, making the project ideally suited and cost effective as a restoration site, and one of the largest of its kind in the country.

With the commitment of Fiordland College and the local primary schools and early childhood centres, the kids are involved in many aspects of the project, from decision making and planning to restoration work and marketing.

This is an opportunity for the young people of Fiordland to make a difference on a local, national and even global scale

Find out more about this project at The website is managed and maintained by students from Fiordland College, led by Year 13 student Nick Humphries.

Download the Kia Ora Magazine article on the Kids Restore the Kepler project here.