Gateway Programme


Gateway is a Government initiative funded by the Tertiary Education Commission to give work experience to students about to leave school.

It has been running at Fiordland College since 2008 and we are currently funded for 10 students.  Students have to apply annually to take part indicating their preferred industry where they will spend one day per week in the workplace.

Gateway offers our senior students (Years 11-13) the opportunity to experience structured workplace learning while still at school.  Learning is hands on and practical.  Students are assessed in the workplace for Unit and Achievement Standards which contribute to NCEA as well as industry specific qualifications.

Gateway - Ayla Lane at Fiordland Kindergarten


Gateway - Tyrone Prentice for Paul Young Building & Renovating

Benefits for Students

Students pursue individual learning programmes which allow them to gain new skills and knowledge in a workplace context.  Students also get a very clear picture about what prerequisites are required to get into certain jobs. Gateway assists students by providing a range of career pathways.

Student Testimonials

“Gateway helped to decide what I wanted to do after leaving school.  I am very grateful for the experience”

“My Gateway experience helped me to gain skills for the future.  My employer was helpful, supportive and informative”

Employer Testimonials

“Gateway seems to be a good system and benefits the student as well as the employer”

For futher information about our Gateway Programme please contact Tina Perry, Gateway Co-ordinator, through the school office.