Fiordland College Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is made up of representatives of the stakeholders in the school; parents, students and staff together with the Principal.  The full Board meets once a month and there is one committee that looks specifically at finance issues before reporting to the full Board.

Who are we?

The current list of Board members is below:



Helen Dodson

Board Chair, Parent Representative

Nigel Humphries

Deputy Chair, Parent Representative

Lynlee Smith

College Principal

Dave Allen

Parent Representative

Chris Shaw

Parent Representative

Katherine Wright

Parent Representative

Jennah Booth

Staff Representative

Richard Crouchley

Student Representative

Sue Walker

Secretary to the Board and the person who provides administrative support.

BOT 2015-2016

What do we do?

Boards of Trustees are Crown entities. Effectively the Board is responsible to the Minister of Education for the governance of the school. However, the Board is accountable to parents and caregivers, the local community, government agencies such as ERO and the general public, as well as to the Minister of Education. So what does “governance” mean?

To demonstrate good governance the Board is responsible for:

  1. Assuring the government that:
    • Students are receiving a high quality standard of education
    • Resources are used prudently to ensure the highest possible quality programmes are provided for students
  2. Ensuring that the school has strategic objectives, document these objectives and monitor progress in achieving these objectives
  3. Seeking assurance from the Principal and Senior Management Team that:
    • programmes are being implemented that will achieve the strategic objectives
    • resources (staff, finance and property) are being used optimally to enable students to achieve
  4. Collecting and evaluating information on student achievement
  5. Being a good employer
  6. Ensuring compliance with legislation
  7. Reporting to students, parents and the community.

It is important to note here that the Board is not responsible for the day-to-day management of the school. This is the main responsibility of the Principal.

Fiordland College Governance Manual 2014-2016 (1.2Mb)

 Fiordland College 2014 Annual Report & Financial Statements  (4.3Mb)

 BOT Minutes - 2016 April  (151Kb)