Complaints Procedure

Policy and Process for Making a Complaint

If you have a concern or complaint there is a policy which explains exactly how you should deal with it. You can view this in full in our Fiordland College Complaints Policy document - download at the bottom of this page.

Brief Outline

If you have a concern and it is a matter involving a teacher, you should firstly try to contact the teacher and discuss the matter with her/him. Parents are requested not to contact teaching staff at home unless it is an emergency.

Should you feel unable to talk about your concern to the teacher directly, or it is about a matter which does not involve a particular teacher, then you have a number of alternatives. These are outlined in the Policy document and include contacting:

  • The student’s Form Teacher
  • The Head of Department of the subject concerned
  • The Dean in charge of the Year level of your daughter/son
  • Our Counsellor – Mrs Humphries
  • Somebody in the School’s Senior Administration (the Principal, Deputy Principal or Assistant Principal)

If you are not satisfied with the outcome and wish to make a formal complaint, there is the procedure you should follow. This is outlined in the Policy document.

Download here:

Complaints Policy (335 Kb)